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FOXTECH T3500 Tethered Power System for Drones

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Tethering Power System is designed to provide unlimited, reliable and redundant power source for UAV, which helps UAV overcome the limitation of flight duration and payload capacity, can fly as long as required without worrying about landing to change batteries.

Tethering Power supply ground station provides power through the ultralight-tether to the drone for unlimited flight time. The ultralight onboard power replaces the battery, enables you to fly as long as required without worrying about landing to change batteries. Tethering Power System ensures not only the long flight duration, also ensure the high reliability and ability to carry heavier payloads like stabilized HD zoom cameras etc.

The tethering power supply system converts the 220VAC power into the DC power required by the onboard power system. The ground starting voltage can be adjusted from 380 to 400V. High-voltage compensation voltage adjustable range is 400-450Vand it can realize voltage compensation for the drone according to the set voltage range, that greatlyenhance the load capacity of the aircraft. And the onboard power system only 700g, max output power 3500W.

This tethering power system coupled with commercial drones can be applied in many different fields by loading different equippments, mainly used as mobile relay station, and to provide secure and reliable high altitude long time aerial monitoring and for emergency lighting. The live aerial monitoring data can be wirelessly shared through the relay station to monitors etc.

Owe to the unlimited flight duration, tethering drone is suited for many industrial applications where manned aircraft and even free-flying drones are unable to deliver. Tethering drones will become a vital commercial, engineering and lifesaving tools. Tethering Power System is suitable for various drones like GAIA 100,gaia 120, gaia 160MP hexocopters, F1000 Pro quadcopter and also suitable for DJI Inspire 2, Matrice 200 and DJI S900 etc.


Base Station Weight: 30kg
Base Station Size: 66x63x40cm
Air Unit Size: 22x9.5x4.4cm
Air Unit Weight: 700g

Cable Weight: 1.6kg
Cable Length: 100m
Output Voltage: 12S
Output Power: 3500W
Voltage Input: 220Vac 50Hz
Onboard Unit Voltage output: 50V
Tensile Strength: 50kg
Suggested climbing/landing Speed: 

Your Purchase Includes:

1x Tethering Power Base Station
1x Onboard Power 
1x 100m Stranded Cable

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