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  1. ASSAN UBEC-8A(2-10S)
    ASSAN UBEC-8A(2-10S)
  2. EFT High Current Power Distribution Board
    EFT V3/V3-E 480A High Current Power Distribution Board is for Agricultural FPV UAV Multicopter. The EFT V3 is suitable for quadcopter and hexacopter, EFT V3-E is suitable for octocopter.
  3. Foxtech 200A Power Board Distributor
    Foxtech 200A Power Board Distributor is suitable for most of racing drones in market all over the world
  4. Hobbywing advanced program box for Platimum ESC
    Hobbywing,program box,for Platimum ESC,easy to use
  5. Hobbywing Multifunction LCD Program Box for PLATINUM ESC
    This multifunction program box is used to program the brushless ESC. The multifunction program box uses new MCU(microprocessor) with more memories, so only one firmware can be compatible with all speed controllers. The multifunction program box has new function for lipo battery voltage checking.
  6. Hobbywing Program Card for Hobbywing FLYFUN&SKYWALKER ESC
    Hobbywing,program card,for FLYFUN ESC,easy to use
  7. Hobbywing UBEC-3A (2-6S)
    Hobbywing,UBEC,3A,DC-DC,2-6 cells

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