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  1. Siriturbo Protocol Converter
    Siriturbo is a protocol converter for transforming data and commands from flight controllers to another gimbal camera. Object tracking is supported when it is used on FH and Seeker Series Cameras. During that process, the flight controller reads attitude data of the gimbal camera through Siriturbo and change flight altitude and attitude along with the movement of the target. Using it on Hybrid drones, you can monitor the fuel level in Ground Control Station, without which fuel levels can only be displayed on the liquid level display through PWM Output Liquid Level Senser.
  2. EH640L Dual Sensor IR Laser Night Vision 30x Optical Zoom Camera with 3-axis Gimbal
    EH640L is a dual-sensor 1080P 30x optical zoom infrared night vision camera with 3-axis gimbal, which includes a 30x optical zoom camera and a IR laser night vision camera. With the IR laser night vision camera adding extra laser light to the white light camera, EH640L can zoom in and out and work perfectly well in a complete dark environment with its 0Lux minimum illumination. It is able to switch automatically from day mode to night mode when the surrounding lighting is suddenly dimmed.
  3. Ultra Power UP1200+ 1200W 25A 8 Channels 2-6S Battery UAV Charger
    UP1200+ is a 1200W 25A 8 Channels 2-6S Battery UAV charger with LCD display.
  4. S2 Embedded Artificial Intelligence Computer
    S2 is a fully-featured embedded platform for AI computing. It provides both high processing capabilities and high energy efficiency. S2 carries one of the most powerful mobile computing core modules, NVIDIA Jetson TX2 and it brings artificial intelligence to edge devices. In addition, a variety of computer vision algorithm acceleration SDK are provided on S2 platform. S2 Embedded Artificial Intelligence Computer
  5. Human body Infrared Thermometer
    Human body Infrared thermometer supports real-time image transmission, AI face detection, full screen temperature measurement and high temperature alarm, ai face recognition temperature measuring ir thermal camera
  6. Ultra Power UP-D200 200W 15A AC To DC Converter For UP616/UP6/UP6+ Charger
    Ultra Power UP-D200 200W 15A AC To DC Converter For UP616/UP6/UP6+ Charger
  7. Ultra Power UP1200AC DUO 2X600W 15A 6-12S Battery UAV Drone Charger
    UP1200AC DUO is specifically designed for dual channels LiPo/LiHV charger of big drones

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