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Oplink Mini Transceiver Module

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The OPLink is a radio transceiver which is a two-way radio system allowing real time telemetry information for the Ground Control Station, Wireless Configuration and even radio control from transmitter over a single communications link.

Two OPLink radios are needed to establish a connection between the vehicle and ground station. Note that the Revolution board has a built-in OPLink. The same firmware version must be running in Revo and OPLM devices. 
(if upgrade one board, it is needed to upgrade all others that are bounded together).

The OPLM units operate at 433Mhz. This means that there will be a frequency conflict if operate the vehicle using a UHF 433Mhz system. In basic terms, this conflict will lead to a loss of vehicle control or a crash. Use transmitters in other parts of the spectrum (i.e. 2.4G, 27Mhz, 36Mhz) for vehicle control if intend to enable the OPLink on Revo for transmission of telemetry data. If wish to use a 433Mhz transmitter for vehicle control, then use an OPLM which will by default, enable the transmission of telemetry.

First time use with OPLM
In first use of OPLM with the GCS, it will not be automatically picked up by the GCS. It is needed to go into the 'Firmware' tab and click 'Upgrade & Erase' while the OPLink is disconnected. 

Then plug in OPLink when the upgrade process asks for it. Once this has been done, the OPLM board will show up at the bottom of GCS as a connected device.  The configuration page icon at the bottom of the page icon list may be hidden without scrolling down, depending on the size of computer screen.

-100mW Standalone Radio Modem
-3 IO Ports: Micro-B USB, Mainport & Flexiport
-MMCX Antenna Connector
-Weight: 4g
-Dimensions: 20mm x 29mm
-Input Voltage: +5v

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