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  1. X-UAV 1016 Boomerang 4018 FPV Plane (LY-F01)

    X-UAV 1016 Boomerang 4018 FPV Plane (LY-F01)

    Material: EPO
    Wingspan: 1016mm
    Length: 457.2mm
    Womg Area:2828d㎡
    Thrust: 310g
    Takeoff weight:400g

    Recommended drive system:
    Motor: 2627 KV1950
    ESC: 20A
    Servo: 2*9g
    Battery: 7.4V, 2S 1000mAh
    Remote controller: 4CH 2.4GHz

  2. X-UAV Fox Glider Plane (LY-S06)

    X-UAV Fox Glider Plane (LY-S06)

    - High performance
    - The strong construction
    - The good wing shape
    - Easy to control and fly
    - Thrust rate is almost 1:1
    - Quickly Detachability

    - Material: EPO
    - Wingspan: 1700mm(67inch)
    - Flying Weight: 650g(22.9oz)
    - Thrust: 550g(19.4oz)

    Recommanded drive system:
    - Motor: 2830 KV1050 motor
    - ESC: 20A
    - Servo: 4*9g
    - Propeller: 10.5*6
    - Battery: 11.1V, 3S 1300mAh Li-polymer
    - Control system: 4 CH 2.4GHz Transmitter

  3. X-UAV Clouds
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    Special Price $145.99

    The Clouds is a big but light weight EPO plane featuring large size, light weight and heavy load. The specially made EPO material also offers it a strong structure that could sustain a few crashes. The dual engines design gives this plane a lot of redundancy power and great efficiency for long fly time and high speed at the same time. The UAV shape gives the Clouds a speed range up to 50-80km, but the power consumption is very low at the same time. The huge fuselage makes it possible to load many equipment eg. Gps, gimbal, camera, Autopilot, parachute. The Clouds is an ideal platform for long fly time, high altitude and maybe high flying speed and the same time. Since the engines are arranged on the front edges of the wings, so you can easily launch it with your hands or using rubber bands(I prefer the latter), and then land it with either gliding touch down or parachute. With the help of FPV equipments or UAV autopilot , the Clouds can go over 80 km and back thanks to its maximum 3 hours fly time. Battery that we can use on the Clouds is up tp 4S 22000mah or 6S 16000mah to guarantee the long fly time and long fly range. The wings and tails are also quick detaching type that makes the transportation much easier.


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