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P450 AI Quadcopter

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P450 quadcopter is a multi-functional experimental platform specially designed for UAV industry developers and scientific researchers. This development platform is based on the Prometheus open source project and provides abundant demos, which is suitable for UAV application research and add-on function development. Besides, there is a Gazebo simulator, making the simulation flight easier.


Major Modules of Prometheus Open Source system:

- Flight control module

- SLAM module

- Path planning module

- Object detection and tracking


Indoor & Outdoor Functions:

- Binocular vision-based fixed-point hovering

- LiDAR obstacle avoidance

- Visually-guided landing

- Circle detection and tracking

- FastPlanner visual obstacle avoidance


Your Purchase Includes:

1x Frame(including motor and ESC)

1x PixhawkV4 flight controller

1x GPS+LED display

1x WIFI data link

1x Battery

1x Battery charger

1x Radio controller (including receiver&battery)

2x Pairs of propeller

1x NVIDIA NX on-board computer

1x 2 megapixels USB monocular camera

1x Intel T265 binocular camera

1x Intel D435i depth camera


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