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Pixhawk 4 Flight Controller(plastic case)

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Pixhawk 4 is the latest update flight controller, this autopilot features a small size, and 2X the RAM than previous versions. Additionally, it is equipped with new sensors with higher temperature stability, integrated vibrations isolation, and extra ports for better integration and expansion.

It contains the most advanced processor technology and a NuttX real-time operating system, providing incredible performance, flexibility, and reliability for controlling. 

The Pixwhawk 4's microcontroller now has a 2 MB flash memory and 512KB RAM. With the increased power and RAM resources, developers can be more productive and efficient with their development work. High-performance, low-noise IMUs on board are designed for stabilization applications. Newly designed vibration isolations enable more accurate readings, allowing drones to reach better overall flight performances.



Main FMU Processor: STM32F765
32 Bit Arm Cortex-M7, 216MHz, 2MB memory, 512KB RAM
IO Processor: STM32F100
32 Bit Arm Cortex -M3, 24MHz, 8KB SRAM
On-board sensors:
Accel/Gyro: ICM-20689
Accel/Gyro: BMI055
Magnetometer: IST8310
Barometer: MS5611
Dimensions: 44x84x12mm
Weight: 15.8g
Power module output: 4.9~5.5V
Max input voltage: 6V
Max current sensing: 120A
USB Power Input: 4.75~5.25V
Servo Input: 0~36V
Operating temp.: ~40~85C
Storage temp.: -40~85C

Your Purchase Includes:

1x Pixhawk4
1x Pixhawk4 GPS MODULE
1x Pixhawk 4 Power Management Board
1x I2C splitter Board
3x 6 to 6 pin cable (power)
2x 4 to 4 pin cable (CAN)
1x 6 to 4 pin cable (Data)
2x 10 to 10 pin cable (PWM)
1x 8 to 8 pin cable(AUX)
1x 6 to 6 pin cable(Debug)
1x PPM/SBUS out cable
1x XSR receiver cable
1x DSMX receiver cable
1x SBUS receiver cable
1x USB cable
1x Xtype folding pedestal mount
2x 70mm & 140mm carbon rod stand off
1x 6*3 2.54mm pitch Horizontal Pin
1x 8*3 2.54mm pitch Horizontal Pin
1x Foam Set
1x Pixhawk4 Quick Start Guide

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