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Pixhawk 915MHz Combo

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PIXHAWK is a high-performance autopilot-on-module suitable for fixed wing, multi rotors, helicopters, cars, boats and any other robotic platform that can move. It is targeted towards high-end research, amateur and industry needs and combines the functionality of the PX4FMU + PX4IO.

The flagship Pixhawk module will be accompanied by peripherals,including 915MHz Radio telemetry kit,power module,GPS,buzzer,etc.

Notice:The pixhawk combo is not made by 3DR but third party, we guarantee all parts functioning and firmware upgradable.

Pixhawk Autopilot:
-168 MHz/252 MIPS Cortex-M4F
-14 PWM/Servo outputs (8 with failsafe and manual override, 6 auxiliary, high-power compatible)
-Abundant connectivity options for additional peripherals(UART, I2C, CAN)
-Integrated backup system for in-flight recovery and manual override with dedicated processor and stand-alone power supply(fixed-wing use)
-Backup system integrates mixing, providing consistent autopilot and manual override mixing modes(fixed wing use)
-Redundant power supply inputs and automatic failover
-External safety switch
-Multicolor LED main visual indicator
-High-power, multi-tone piezo audio indicator
microSD card for high-rate logging over extended periods of time

915MHz Radio Telemetry:
-Small size,light weight
-Receiver sensitivity to -121 dBm
-Transmit power up to 20dBm (100mW)
-Transparent serial link
-Air data rates up to 250kbps
-Range of approx 1 mile
-MAVLink protocol framing and status reporting
-Frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS)
-Adaptive time division multiplexing (TDM)
-Support for LBT and AFA
-Configurable duty cycle
-Built in error correcting code (can correct up to 25% data bit errors)
-Demonstrated range of several kilometers with a small omni antenna
-Available to bi-directional amplifier for even more range
-Open source firmware
-AT commands for radio configuration
-RT commands for remote radio configuration
-Adaptive flow control when used with APM
-Based on the HopeRF HM-TRP radio module, featuring an SiLabs Si1000 RF micro controller.

Ublox Neo-M8N GPS
-167 dBm navigation sensitivity
-Navigation update rate up to 10 Hz
-Cold starts: 26s
-Low noise 3.3V regulator
-Protective case

Power Module:
-Deans Plug
-Max input voltage: 30V
-Max current sensing: 90A
-Voltage and current measurement configured for 5V ADC
-Switching regulator outputs 5.3V and 3A max
-6P molex cable plugs directly to APM/Arduflyer 2.5's 'PM' connector

Purchase Includes:
-1*Pixhawk Autopilot
-1*3DR 915MHzRadio Telemetry Module Air with the case
-1*3DR 915MHzRadio Telemetry Module Ground with the case
-1*CRIUS MAVLink-OSD Board
-1*Power Module V1.0
-1*Ublox Neo-M8N GPS
-1*GPS Foldable Stand
-1*I2C Splitter Expand Module with 4pin Cable
-1*External LED and USB Module with 6 to 4pin Cable
-1*Glass Fiber Cushioning Seat
-1*Micro USB cable
-1*PPM Encoder with 2 Cables
-1*4GB MicroSD Card

Cabling Diagram as Reference:

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