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Cube Orange+ Standard Set

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The Cube Orange+ Standard Set is a cutting-edge solution that applies a powerful H7 processor and a uAvionix 1090MHz ADS-B receiver. With upgraded IMUs and the STM32H757 MCU, the Cube Orange+ offers enhanced performance and reliability. It allows for the configuration of an autopilot system that can automatically avoid aircraft within a designated exclusion zone, as specified by the pilot. Formerly known as Pixhawk 2.1, the Cube Orange+ is a versatile and advanced choice.

Please note that, due to the incorporation of a relatively new chip, temporary support for the PX4 firmware and old APM firmware is not available. However, firmware versions above v4.2.3 of the APM can be utilized effectively.


High Performance Processor

Situational Awareness

Easy switching on PWM output signal voltage

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1x Cube Orange+ Standard Set

cube orange+

 cube orange+ pixhawk cube orange+ pixhawk cube orange+ pixhawk cube orange+ pixhawk

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