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RB20 Signal Relay 902MHz-928MHz

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RB20 902MHz-928MHz Signal Relay is designed to work with radio controller to achieve the long range requirements. The RB20 ground unit could be connected to PC through a TTL-USB cable, to realize data transmission between PC and RB20 air unit, also could realize parameter tuning. 

RB20 signal relay is suitable for DA16 radio controller. Just connect the RB20 ground unit to DA16 receiver, and the RB20 air unit to flight controller. RB20 signal relay can help to get a long communicate range, the max communicate range is 15-30km, and it depending on what kind of antenna are you going to use with this signal relay. Equipped with this RB20 signal relay and Foxtech 840-915MHz 7dBi magnetic base antenna DA16 radio controller can reach max range of 20km.

Note: RB20 signal relay is equipped with a TTL-USB conversion cable for USB connection requirment.



Work Frequency: 902MHz-928MHz
Dimension: 103x70x19mm
Weight(Air unit): 60g
Working Voltage: 12V
Channel: 1-8
Current: 300mA(12V power supply)
Operating Temperature: -20 to +70℃
Antenna: 5dBi rod antenna


Your Purchase Includes:

1x RB20 Ground Unit
1x RB20 Air Unit
2x Antennas
1x Power Cable

Manual Download

Parameter Setting Software


The defult values of RB20: 

NETID: 65535   BAUDRATE: 115200   CHANEEL: 1  POWER: 1W

If want to modify the parameters, please do as following procedure: 

1.Connect RB20 to PC through TTL-USB cable, then press and hold the setting button and power on the RB20 at the same time.

2.Wait for the drive to read the corresponding port, and click"Connect" , then begin to modify the parameters.

3. After the parameter setting, click "Write" to save the changes and exit.

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