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  1. $909.00
    Lizarbot ros AI robot car is designed with Mecanum wheel, which can realize functions such as map navigation, autonomous obstacle avoidance, LiDAR follow, visual follow and visual line tracking
  2. $9,299.00
    P450 quadcopter is a multi-functional experimental platform, which can achieve functions such as binocular vision-based fixed-point hovering, LiDAR obstacle avoidance, visually-guided landing, circle detection and tracking and FastPlanner visual obstacle avoidance.
  3. $11,999.00
    VG-450 car is a fast, agile, compact robotic open-source UGV AI research platform, achieving functions such as outdoor waypoint planning, 2D LiDAR mapping and obstacle avoidance, 3D mapping.
  4. $64,788.00
    The MH3000 is a versatile and flexible composite robot designed for outdoor security patrols. It features a flexible arm and various sensing systems, making it capable of operating in different heights, poses, objects, narrow spaces, and complex environments.
  5. $19,999.00
    Stone -01 is an autonomous indoor and outdoor delivery robot used for last-mile delivery, which offers a wealth of convenience for industries such as courier services, property management, and food delivery.