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Seeker-30 AI-TIR 50mm Thermal Sensor EO/IR AI Recognition & Tracking Gimbal Camera

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The Seeker-30 AI-TIR Gimbal Camera features a 2.13 MP visible camera with 30X optical zoom, a 50 mm thermal sensor, AI recognition and tracking, and 360° rotation.
Equipped with a high-resolution 2.13 MP visible camera and 30X optical zoom, the Seeker-30 AI-TIR Gimbal Camera ensures sharp and detailed images even in distance or challenging lighting conditions without compromising image quality. 50 mm thermal imaging offers precise heat detection, enabling you to identify potential threats or anomalies effortlessly.
AI object recognition and tracking technology features EO recognition and tracking capabilities, allowing for intelligent detection and tracking of subjects in the visible spectrum. Additionally, it offers IR tracking for enhanced situational awareness in complete darkness.
The Ethernet output version supports 360° unlimited rotation.
Please reach out to our sales for the temperature measuring version.

30X Optical Zoom
50 mm Thermal Sensor
AI Recognition & Tracking

ai recognition and tracking 50mm thermal sensor ai recognition and tracking 50mm thermal sensor ai recognition and tracking 50mm thermal sensor 

ai recognition and tracking 50mm thermal sensor

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