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SEEKER-30 TIRM Dual-Sensor Laser Rangefinder 30X Zoom Camera with 3-axis Gimbal

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Seeker-30 TIRM is a dual-sensor gimbal camera with laser rangefinder, which integrates a 30x optical zoom camera, a 640*480 thermal camera and a 3000m laser rangefinder.
The 3-axis gimbal developed based on FOC technology features high stability, accuracy and sensitivity. The image is very stable even at 30 times optical zoom. The gimbal control speed is adjustable, fast speed mode is used for small zooming range, which makes the gimbal control sensitive and quick; low speed mode is used for large zooming range, which will enable you to target the object more accurately.
The working principle of thermal camera is to detect by heat source, so it can be used to detect fire spark in forest and the location of people or animals etc.
The high-precision laser rangefinder can accurately analyze the GPS location and distance of the object within 3000 meters, the information will display on screen automatically.
SEEKER-30 TIRM supports dual sensors object tracking. The tracking speed is up to 32 pixels/frame, the object size range is from 32*32 pixels to 128*128 pixels.Seeker-30 TIRM 3-axis gimbal can be controlled via PWM,Sbus,TCP and serial port.
SEEKER-30 TIRM weighs 1031g and can be loaded on drones like AYK-250 VTOL and RHEA 160 hexacopter for power line inspection, disaster prevention, emergency monitoring and inspection, search and rescue etc.

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1x SEEKER-30 TIRM Dual-Sensor Laser rangefinder 30X Zoom Camera with 3-axis Gimbal
1x Power Cable

1x USB-TTL Cable

Manual Download

Serial Command Communication Protocol


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