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  1. Foxtech NOVA-2400 Generator for Hybrid Drone
    NOVA-2400 generator system features 2400w continuous output and is suitable for high payload or working at high altitude. Max taking off weight of Gaia 160 by using this generator reaches 23 kg.
  2. Foxtech NOVA-2000 Generator with Landing Gear
    NOVA-2000 generator is a high efficiency generator designed for multicopters and VTOL Fixedwings. NOVA-2000 generator is only 4kg which is much lighter than any other generators that produce 2000w output power, gaia 160 hybrid generator is five times the efficiency of other generators. 2000w is the starting watts, and the generator actually runs at 1800 watts. gaia 160 hybrid generator.
  3. Foxtech Supreme C/F Propeller 2880T

    The Supreme 2880T Prop are specifically designed for heavy duty multicotpers. Well balanced, polished and reinforced, Supreme carbon fiber propellers guarantee very little deformation even with very high load.

  4. DJI A3 PRO Flight Control-Free Shipping

    The A3 Pro is equipped with three IMUs and three GNSS units, with additional analytical redundancies for a total of six redundancies.
    Working together with advanced diagnostic algorithms, if the A3 Pro detects GNSS or IMU unit failure during flight, it seamlessly switches to another unit to maintain reliability and precision.

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