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  1. SABER 220 VTOL Delta Wing Spare Parts
    FOXTECH SABER 220 VTOL Delta Wing spare parts include: fuselage, left wing, right wing, left wing tip, right wing tip, rear landing gear, front landing gear, nose(no camera), nose for gimbal camera, nose for mapping camera, carrying case.
  2. FOXTECH SABER 220 VTOL Delta Wing
    The SABER 220 VTOL Delta Wing is an excellent performance, long-endurance delta wing that is exquisitely made of cellular materials, which builds up a firm inner structure to support light, compact frame. high-strength, 2.1m large wingspan, 2h long endurance, inspection, mapping, differential rudder function, modular design, quick-assemble design, TATTU 22.8V 6S 25000mAh 10C High Voltage Lipo Battery

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