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T810/T960 Main Cover(TL9604)

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Product Description:
Applied to T810/T960 folding six-axis integrated assembly of aircraft parts, the overall use of imported Toray 3K plain carbon fiber
Woven high temperature and pressure prefabricated CNC machined, 2.0 thickness pure carbon matte twill carbon fiber quality beyond the conventional
Commercially available products. Flatness, light weight, creep resistance, high compressive strength and shock resistance, overall performance
Beyond the requirements of national standard high-strength carbon fiber strip board level performance indicators. The overall design has a strong
Perspective impact. The M3-PTZ nut self-locking cover used in all the carbon fiber panel without using a wrench to tighten.
Its thread Structure using a unique design of the self-locking screw technology, has excellent resistance to lateral vibration, from the fundamental solution to the Vibration problem under loose.

Pure carbon fiber body cover x1 (210x210x2.0MM)91.0g
Pure carbon fiber body cover x1 (210x 210x2.0MM) 97.0g
M3 head nut/golden TL100A02-02 x12
M3 head nut/Silver TL100A02-01 x8

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