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Tarot HDMI Mini Transmission System (TL1000-540/TL1000-352)

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TAROT TL1000 mini encodulator & transmitter is a set of rea1-time image transmission system which is specially designed for working with mini drone aircraft. It integrates encoder, transmitter and antenna. It converts the rea1-time signal from the mini camera into RF and send back to the ground wirelessly. The returned signal will be received by the accessory STB and displayed on TV screen.

P.S. TL1000-540 is 1080P 540MHz; TL1000-352 is 1080P 352MHz


-Support standard HDMI wireless transmission
-Used the DR-2108 double antenna, support up to l080P resolution; frequency & transmission distance: 352MHz/ 540MHz can reach 9-10 km(specific distance due to environmental change)
-Transmission delay 300-350ms
-Power consumption < 12W
-H264 encoding format, high quality encoding
-Support USB upgrade & recording
-DCI2V/DC24V supply,support voltage range DC10V-26V
-Separate design, dissipating heat function
-Stable performance
-Excellent receiving sensitivity
-Stable image transmission at high speed above 230km/hour

--Small size and light weight:Encoder(46×38×19mm )35g;Transmitter(99×40×15mm )64g; Receiver(124×85×20mm )147g
TL1000-540/352 User Manual Download


Purchase Includes:
-1 x Encoder
-1 x Transmitter
-1 x Receiver
-1 x Transmitter antenna
-2 x Receiver antenna
-2 x Antenna suction cup
-1 x Micro HDMI connection line
-1 x MCX to SMA connection line
-1 x SMA male to SMA female connection line
-1 x SMA male to SMA male connection line
-1 x SMA male to SMA female elbow adapter
-1 x Receiver accessories (USB cable, remote control lines etc)

TL1000 HD Transmission System

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