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Tarot T810 CF Folding Hexacopter(TL810A)

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Product Features:
The pure carbon cover as a whole imported Toray 3K pure carbon fiber woven cloth, high temperature and high pressure prefabricated CNC precision machining.
Pure carbon matte twill carbon fiber quality than conventional commercially available products, the overall performance beyond national standards for carbon fiber strip
Requirements of the plate high strength level performance indicators.
The shortcut fold can be directly equipped with safe and reliable line, avoid the use of plug connection circuit.
The cover is used in all the the M3 head nut self-locking in the carbon fiber board, the thread structure using a unique design of the self-locking screw technology,
Has excellent resistance to lateral vibration.
The fast folding part of independent innovation ¢ 40 metal dovetail groove Falcon riveting structural design, with strong clamping force.
Full carbon tube folding, the excellent damping non-slip feel.
Lightweight two-color motor seat multi-axis CNC machining, the overall design has a strong perspective effect for the body of the air
Striking visual direction. Standard current within the lock-in-one anti-skid gold-plated hub.
Flight load of 3 kg design compressive load 15 kg.

Product Parameters:
Weight: 1020G
Tube diameter: 25MM
Wheelbase: 810MM
The rack diameter: 850MM
Center cover Specifications: 210x210x2.0MM
The motor installation pitch: 16MM/19MM/25MM/27MM triangular shaped mounting

4114/320KV multi-axis brushless motor TL100B08
1555 streamlined carbon multi-axis positive and negative paddle TL2812
30-35 multi-axis ESC
6S power battery 10000-15000mAh

T810 folding six-axis rack x1
Coated diamond rasp x1
Water stickers groups x1
Color pointing stickers group x1
Magic sticky x1
Manual x1
Spare screw package x1

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Please kindly notice: 3 pcs Φ25MM carbon fiber crab shown in the pictures need to be purchased separately.


Hexacopter Drone Kits With Camera


Aerial video production and photography is performed using high-tech devices. The camera is mounted to the aircraft which lifts it up. Hexacopter is a professional device with 6 motors and props (as it comes from the prefix hexa-). They are required for smooth take-offs and to hold the device in the required position for some time. Moving elements allows the operator to control the camera despite of bad weather conditions or strong wind. You can improve and upgrade your hexacopter. Our virtual store offers various parts for your aircraft upgrade and you can add some elements to your device:

· retraceable landing gear

· flight control

· video transmitter

· other removable parts

Professional photographers know the essential condition for any photo and video production is advanced equipment. It is even more important when you need to carry an expensive camera up in the air. Motor failure and troubles with construction parts can cause the device crash and your camera will be damaged. For that reason it is so important to pay special attention to quality of all parts. You should be also very attentive when assembling your device before shooting.

Hexacopter design

The hexacopter’s design reminds a helicopter. This device is aimed at work with photo and video cameras, so it is capable of carrying more than its own weight. You can use the suggested camera mounting or purchase other modules additionally.

The device is controlled with the help of a special console. And you need another person to control the camera. It means two persons are required to work with the aerial drones: a pilot and an operator. A GPS antenna is included, as a rule. This antenna allows you to control the hexacopter drone in the air and choose its moving direction.

Hexacopter control

The pilot has to control the flight height, speed, regulate the device flying direction. You cannot perform productive mapping without an operator who manages the aerial filming process. The operator sees the picture on a special display, follows the horizon line and controls the pilot. In other words, the pilot is responsible for the flight and the operator – for aerial filming quality. Such tandem ensures successful results under any weather conditions.

Autonomous fly

One of the basic features of a hexacopter is its flight duration. This parameter depends on the battery capacity. If a battery set has discharged, you must have a spare one to change the power supply source in a wink. This helps you to prolong the shooting process. When you cannot get successful photos from the first attempt you can always land your aircraft and launch it again.

Hexacopter drone is a very flexible and mobile device. It takes only some minutes to replace batteries and mount a camera. Moreover, the device is easy to transport and assemble at the shooting location. Despite of its small weight, multicopters are usually produced from the high-strength stable material. Advanced materials are known for their durability, wear-free qualities and long-life operation.

Replacement of parts and upgrade

If you lose some parts, you should buy items of the same model or replace them with parts recommended by the vendor. Please check out the specifications before upgrading your device. You can purchase hexacopter kit at our online store!



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