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Taurus Flight Control System

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TAURUS GNC(Micro Guidance Navigation Control System) is a highly integrated and high reliable new generation flight control system designed for industrial UAV, which is suitable for many types of aircraft such as Fixedwing, multicopter, VTOL etc.

TAURUS adopted a four redundant IMU design and has designed a new data arbitration mechanism to achieve seamless switching of IMU data sources. We chose an industrial-grade MCU with a frequency of up to 400MHz to ensure efficient operation of the system. TAURUS uses MEMS sensors with a temperature compensation of -20 ° C ~ 65 ° C, all metal shielded shell, with excellent reliability.

TAURUS uses a two-layer extended Kalman filter, an improved L1 guidance law, and an ADRC controller as the core algorithm of navigation flight control, and has extremely high control precision.

TAURUS is equipped with cross-platform ground station software, which can run under Windows, Linux, MacOS, Unix, FreeBSD, iOS, Android and other operating systems, suitable for the application occasions which has high requirements for operating system reliability.

TAURUS uses ZDLink communication protocol with its own intellectual property, which can provide industry customers with an on-board, cross-platform PC-side communication protocol SDK development package, that allows industry users to integrate TAURUS into their own systems, and even maintain the original operation method.



Size: 87x50x23mm
Weight: 113g
Working Temperature: -20℃~65℃
Voltage: DC7V-53V
Power Consumption: 1.5W
Attitude: 1°, dynamic, after GNSS positioning
Positioning: 1m, CEP
Channel: 10 PWM, 1 S.Bus
Refresh Rate:50Hz~400Hz

Flight parameter measurement range and accuracy:

Angular velocity range: -1000°/s~1000°/s
Acceleration range: -8g~8g
Height range: -400m~10000m, altitude
Airspeed range: 0~140m/s
Ground speed range: 0~500m/s
Speed accuracy: 0.1m/s

Other Interface:

S.Bus interface: 1channel input, 1channel output
CAN communication interface: 2 channel
Expand serial port: 1, RS232 level
Remote telemetry communication interface: 1, RS232 level
Voltage monitoring channel: 2, 0~59V
Default monitoring system and servo voltage
Engine speed monitoring channel: 2, 0~65535RPM


-Integrated 4 redundant MEMS inertial measurement unit, 3-axis magnetometer, barometric altimeter, airspeed meter,
the GNSS module, performs temperature compensation of -20℃ to 65℃ for the MEMS inertial measurement unit and the three-axis magnetometer.

-Dual integrated navigation system. The two-stage 17-step extended Kalman filter is used to fuse the information of the inertial measurement unit, the 3-axis magnetometer, the barometric altimeter, and the GNSS module, and automatically switch between the GNSS/INS and AHRS/DR navigation modes according to the presence or absence of satellite signals.

-Using the improved L1 guidance law and ADRC controller, the control precision and robustness of the system are improved.

-The built-in global geomagnetic model and the magnetic compass calibration algorithm enable TAURUS to complete the magnetic compass calibration with one click and take off immediately after satellite positioning.

-Powerful remote technical service, no matter where and when users can request AheadX official remote technical support via the Internet.

-Supports up to 1800 waypoints and can plan up to 200 emergency landing points.

-It has a fixed-point, equidistant, isochronous shutter photo taking function, and records the POS data of the aerial photography point.

-Discretionary installation method. TAURUS has mounting angle correction and arm compensation function and can be mounted on the aircraft at any mounting angle and position.

-Simulation training function. TAURUS can be used with AheadX's semi-physical simulation system to facilitate daily simulation training for drone drivers.

-Built-in black box data logging function, support for connecting external data recorders, recording up to 2000 hours flight data.

-Online upgrade function. Users can quickly get the latest version of firmware and ground station software via the Internet.


 Your Purchase Includes:

1x Taurus Flight Controller
1x GPS Module
1x J30J-37 Connector

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Ground Station Software


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