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Cube Orange Standard Set

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This is a new Cubepilot set including orange cube and the ADS-B carrier board.This open source autopilot adopting more powerful H7 processor, featuring triple redundancy IMU system and vibration dampening system.The anti-jamming performance and stability are greatly improved. Carrier Board with an integrated 1090MHz ADS-B receiver that effectively improve the safety.


Main components in this combo:

Cube Orange:
 -Includes new generation of more powerful H7 processor, with stronger performance, faster processing, increased security with built-in triple redundant sensors, temperature control shock absorption IMU.

ADS-B Carrier Board:
 -A standard carrier board with an integrated 1090MHz ADS-B receiver.
 -Receives information such as position, altitude, speed, etc. which can all be viewed in Mission Planner.

General Cube Key Features:
-Built-in IMU Heating system, allowing operation at extreme temperature(-10°C~+55°C)
-Robust DF17 Interface connectors give enhanced drop and shock resistance.


Your Purchase Includes:

1x The Cube Orange
1x A standard carrier board with ADS-B
1x Power Brick
1x Cable set 

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