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THEA 130S Agriculture Drone

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THEA 130S is a cost-effective agricultural spraying hexacopter, featuring high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, stable and reliable operation. It is equipped with a 10L pesticide tank, and the operation efficiency is about 13.1 acres/h in plain areas, and 6.5 acres/h in mountains. THEA 130S can be applied in variety of environments and terrains, like fields, crops, forests and orchards.

The foldable design saves more space and makes it convenient for transportation. THEA 130S also can work easier at night thanks to unique LED light. HD wide-angle camera can transmit videos, which are displayed at APP in real time.

THEA 130S works more efficiently and safely equipped with PALADIN flight controller set, which can realize the functions like autonomous operation, one-key takeoff and landing, terrain following and fixed height flight. THEA 130S also supports GPS, GLONASS and Beidou satellite navigation mechanism, greatly improving the reliability. The battery power and dosage of pesticide can be monitored in real-time. The microwave radar module provides high-precision altitude information, so that THEA130S will fly above the crops at a constant spraying distance to ensure uniformity of the pesticide spraying.


1. Automatic spraying in AB point mode

2. Support breakpoint and continuous spraying

3. support no pesticide and low voltage automatic return

4. GPS hovering, simple operation

5. Microwave fixed-height radar, support terrain following flight

6. Android mobile phone ground station, easy to use

7. PC ground station, full voice broadcast

8. Real-time data display, monitor flight status

9. Support route planning, automatic flight operation

10. Support one-key takeoff and landing, greatly improve safety

11. Real-time monitor the battery power

12. Support to set obstacle points, plan routes to avoid obstacle areas



Wheelbase: 1300mm

Dimensions: 1030x1030x530mm (without propeller)

Folded dimensions: 580x580x530mm

Tank volume: 10L

Max. take-off weight: 24KG

Max. load: 10KG

Flight speed: 3-10m/s

Peak altitude: 35M

Hovering accuracy: ±0.8M horizontal/±0.5M vertical

Hover accuracy: ±0.8M horizontal/±0.5M vertical

No-load hovering time: 18-23min

Full-load hovering time: 10-13min

Flight mode: Manual mode/Task mode/GPS mode

Working temperature: 0-50℃

Spray boom length: 1.80m

Spray width: 3-6m

Spray efficiency: 13.1 acres/h (plain), 6.5 acres/h (mountain)  

Working altitude: 2-5m

Spray flow: max. 5L/min


Your Purchase Includes:

1x THEA 130S Agriculture Drone

1x 10L Pesticide Tank

4x Sprinkler

4x X8 100KV 3090

2x 30inch Folding Propeller

1x DA16S+ Remote Controller

1x Flight Controller with GPS module, power module, microwave radar for fixed height, liquid level sensor

1x Packing Box



Obstacle Avoidance Radar

12S Smart Battery Module

Two-channel Smart Battery Charger


Flight Control System Manual

Ground Control Software Manual

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