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  1. $26.99
    Foldable tail landing gear and front landing gear for Nimbus VTOL mapping and survey version.
  2. $59.90
    This is separate tail for Nimbus VTOL as a replacement part.
  3. 8999.0000 1% OFF
    Great Shark 330 VTOLfeatures a highly advanced aerodynamic design. The fuselage is made of Kevlar material which is very light and durable.The Great Shark 330 VTOL can be used to do a lot of things like long range inspection, 3D modeling,oblique mapping and ground survey etc.
  4. $34.99
    High-quality digital slim wing servo for aircraft,the extremely strong titanium gears ensure long-life and durability.
  5. $15.99
    The plates are designed for Nimbus VTOL mapping and survey version to load mapping cameras like map01 and map02.
  6. $28.99
    1380 Wooden Propeller for Fixed wings.
  7. $36.29

    - The modified version of airspeed head adopts digital differential pressure sensor, I2C communication, suitable for PIXHAWK, adoting PX4 original firmware
    - Different from analog differential voltage sensor APM adopts, APM is not universal

  8. $149.00
    This is separate wing for Nimbus VTOL mapping and survey version as replacement part.
  9. $199.00
    This Dual Battery Swapping Board pg20 v1.1 is a new power governer device supporting low voltage protection, it is for Nimbus VTOL V2 to increase at least 30% flight time.
  10. $2,269.00
    Foxtech Nimbus VTOL V2 aircraft (airplane)is a upgraded version, in which we updated the tilting servos, with the newly upgraded system, the plane can hover like a multicopter more steadily and fly in very heavy wind.

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