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  1. Nimbus VTOL for Long Range Video Inspection
    Nimbus VTOL is the world best Tri-copter VTOL, equipped with 10X zoom camera and VDC 8km Video&Data transmission system, it can be used to check something important faraway, can be applied in many fields like emergency monitoring and security patrol. nimbus, nimbus vtol.
  2. Foxtech Nimbus VTOL V2 for Mapping and Survey-X9D Combo
    Foxtech Nimbus Vertical Take-off and Landing airplane|UAV for mapping, survey and long range inspection.
  3. Foxtech Nimbus VTOL V2 Aircraft  for Mapping and Survey
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    Foxtech Nimbus VTOL V2 aircraft (airplane)is a upgraded version, in which we updated the tilting servos, with the newly upgraded system, the plane can hover like a multicopter more steadily and fly in very heavy wind.
  4. Foxtech Nimbus VTOL V2-Tilting System
    The is newly upgraded tilting system for Nimbus VTOL, wirh which the plane can hover like a multicopter more steadily and take off and land in very heavy wind.
  5. 1380 Wooden Propeller CW&CCW
    1380 Wooden Propeller for Fixed wings.
  6. Nimbus VTOL Nose
    This is separate nose for Nimbus VTOL as a replacement part.
  7. Foxtech PG20 V1.1 Dual Battery Swapping Board
    This Dual Battery Swapping Board pg20 v1.1 is a new power governer device supporting low voltage protection, it is for Nimbus VTOL V2 to increase at least 30% flight time.
  8. Nimbus VTOL Tail
    This is separate tail for Nimbus VTOL as a replacement part.
  9. Map-01 Mounting Plate for Nimbus VTOL
    The plates are designed for Nimbus VTOL mapping and survey version to load mapping cameras like map01 and map02.
  10. Nimbus VTOL V-Type Tail Wing
    This is separate V-Type tail for nimbus VTOL as a replacement part.

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