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Important Notice!
Our company's unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) products only support domestic transactions within China. If your company intends to export UAV products from China, it is necessary to comply with Chinese regulations. Furthermore, the products cannot be used for military, terrorist, or war purposes.

ZMO Pro is a VTOL airplane of tricopter configuration with tilt rotors. This proficient design makes the aircraft highly efficient and easy to fly, minimizing difficulties in aircraft takeoff, landing, and pilot operations. Presently the following flight modes are provided to users.
Strong flight control system and integrated with industrial avionics, the ZMO Pro is capable of fully autonomous flight, intelligent risk management, multiple safety protection mechanisms, making the flight a pleasant experience.

Top speed up to 110km/h. Flight range up to 60km. 
GPS anti-electromagnetic interference. Patented design of integrated airspeed sensor with GPS receiver Industrial IMU.
Support multiple analog and digital video. transmission protocols, such as Mavlink, DJI VTX, Walksnail, and more.
One-Click Takeoff & Landing. Vertical Take off and Landing. Modular design for quick assembly in less than 3 minutes.
Support manual flight mode. Support S.Bus and CRSF protocols.
Professional Ardupilot 4.3 of customized firmware. Support MissionPlaner and QGC ground stations.

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