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1555 plus Carbon Fiber Propeller CW&CCW

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if you are looking for spare propellers for your DJI S800 or similar big multicopter.
take a look at the product below.
it's a new designed 15x5.5 CF propeller with balsa wood in the middle.
this manufacturing technique gives this propeller extremely high strength and very light weight (17g each)
I have been flying with this propeller many days and find it has very little distortion
and very low noise, don't need to mention its high efficiency too.
Each propeller is carefully balanced, and directly compatible with DJI S800 motors.

High Quality full carbon fiber 1555 plus propeller, very well balanced, very robust and very reliable.
Material: carbon fiber
Epoxy resin cover
High gloss 3K twill finish
Length: 15inch
Pitch: 5.5inch
Each weight:17g
Your purchase includes:
1x 1555 CF clockwise propeller
1x 1555 CF counterclockwise propeller
Each propeller has three mounting holes:
1x4mm hole in the center
2x2.5mm hole on the sides
12mm space between sides holes

1555 plus Carbon fiber propeller CW&CCW is the best choice for slow motors(best choice for DJI S800).


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