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  • NAGA Pro Coaxial Octocopter
  • TIR Dual Sensor 30X Optical Zoom Drone Camera
  • Foxtech Thor 210 Hybrid hexacopter
  • Cetus-240 VTOL for Mapping and Survey
  • Foxtech Pegasus-230 PRO VTOL Drone

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  • Agricultural Drone
    Agricultural Drone
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    Surveying and Mapping
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    Mission Payload
  • Industrial Drone/UAV
    Industrial Drone/UAV
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    Top Selling
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    Radio System
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    VTOL Drone
  • Hybrid Power Drone
    Hybrid Power Drone
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    Digital Video & Data Link
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    Foxtech Products
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    Camera for Drones
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    Digital Video & Data Link
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    DJI Product
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    Flight Controller
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    Hot Sale
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    Power System
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  • T-Motor Product
    T-Motor Product
  • Tarot Multicopter
    Tarot Multicopter

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Foxtech GAIA 160 Hexacopter Group

Foxtech GAIA 160 Hexacopter Group

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