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Foxtech Loong 2160 VTOL Inspection Version

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Important Notice!
Our company's unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) products only support domestic transactions within China. If your company intends to export UAV products from China, it is necessary to comply with Chinese regulations. Furthermore, the products cannot be used for military, terrorist, or war purposes.

Foxtech Loong 2160 VTOL is a quick-assemble, reliable high performance VTOL, which can be used for long range inspection by loading with different gimbal cameras. Equipped with MX16 ground control station and Seeker-10/EH314 gimbal camera, Loong 2160 VTOL can realize 10km transmissin range (test in open environment without any obstacles or electromagnetic interference).

In this inspection combo Loong 2160 VTOL is equipped with four folding landing gear, providing enough loading space for gimbal camera. 

The biggest highlight of Loong is that it adopts quick-assemble design, which allows you to assemble it easily without any tools so as to shorten preparation time for each flight.

Loong 2160 VTOL features aerodynamic shape with 2160mm wingspan and 1200mm fuselage. Made from EPO and reinforced by carbon tubes that are of high tensile strength and low weight, the whole frame is durable and portable, weighing only 1kg.
In order to reinforce the drone, the belly is protected by wearproof PVC layer and two wings are covered with a layer of high-strength Aluminum-plastic Film for protection.

It adopts “4+1” motor design that includes 4 VTOL motors and 1 fixed-wing motor, realizing space-efficient VTOL and fast-speed fixed wing task performing at the same time with powerful propulsion system.

Besides, it withstands 5.5m/s-7.9m/s(12.5mph-17.5mph) wind, making it possible to perform aerial task in various complex situations.

The ESC for fixed wing mode is mounted on the outside for better heat dissipation. Metal buckle is installed in the center of gravity position to prevent loosening and also makes it easier to locate CG;
The camera cabin’s neat wiring layout helps to configure the camera without wires getting intertwined.

Note: Now for every purchase that includes Loong VTOL and Seeker-10 V2, you'll get one set of Landing Gears FOR FREE!

Note: For our valued customers from Jordan interested in purchasing our drones, please kindly contact our distributor directly at [email protected]. We appreciate your understanding and thank you immensely for considering our products.


Version: Loong 2160 VTOL Inspection
Wingspan: 2160mm
Fuselage: 1200mm
Material: EPO, Aluminum-plastic Film, PVC
Frame Weight: 1kg
Basic Empty Weight: 3.8kg (no battery)
Max. Take-off Weight: 8kg
Recommended Cruising Speed: 18-20m/s
Stall Speed: 12-14m/s
Suggested Take-off Altitude: 0~1500m
Wind Resistance: 5.5m/s-7.9m/s (12.5mph-17.5mph)
Take-off/Landing: VTOL
Working Voltage: 24V
Working Temperature: -10℃-40℃
Carrying Case: 125cm*34cm*34cm

Your Purchase Includes:

EH10 Combo:
1x Loong 2160 VTOL Frame
1x MX16 Series All-in-one Portable Ground Control Station
1x Pixhawk Cube Orange Standard Set with Here 3 GNSS

1x EH10 10X Optical Zoom Camera with 3-axis Gimbal
4x VTOL Motor 4118 KV440
1x Motor for Fixed-wing Mode 5052 KV400
4x VTOL ESC 40A Pro
1x ESC 120A for Fixed-wing Mode
3x 17g Servo
2x 9g Servo
2x(pair) 1655 MARKII Matte Carbon Fiber Propeller
1x 1612 Folding Propeller
1x Pitot Tube
1x Carrying Case
1x Assembling,tuned and Flying Test Service

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