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Foxtech SYK-30 TIRM Dual Sensor Laser Rangefinder 30X Zoom Starlight Camera with 3-axis Gimbal

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Foxtech SYK-30 TIRM equips a 30X optical zoom sensor, a 19mm thermal sensor, a 5~1000 m Laser rangefinder and a 3-axis gimbal supporting starlight shooting, AI recognition & tracking and temperature measuring (Optional). 

- Starlight Shooting & 30X Optical Zoom

4.17MP starlight camera can produce clear images under 0.000005 lx (1/4 sec, 1/3 sec, 30%, high sensitivity mode ON), also the image resolution of SYK-30 TIRM is 1920*1080 and the video resolution is 1080P 30fps.

- Quick-detach & 360° Rotating (Optional)

SYK-30 TIRM uses quick-detach design (optional), making the installation and release easier. 3-axis gimbal structure highly ensures stability when shooting and the Ethernet output version supports 360° unlimited rotation (optional).

- AI Recognition & Tracking

Using AI recognition and tracking technology, SYK-30 TIRM can detect vehicles and people from a very far distance. The update rate of deviation pixel is 30Hz and the output delay is less than 30 ms.

- 5~1000 m Distance Detection

The measure distance of the Laser Rangefinder is 5~1000 m with a 905 nm pulsed Laser at 0.1-1 Hz. And the latitude and longitude information can also be displayed on the screen.

The default output configuration is HDMI & Ethernet Output which doesn't support 360° rotation, but we also provide Ethernet output only version with 360° rotation, so contact us if you need it. And if you want temperature measuring function, please contact us.



- Starlight Camera

- AI Recognition & Tracking

- 30X Optical Zoom

- 5~1000 m Distance Detection

- 360° Rotation (Optional)

- Temperature Measuring (Optional)

- Quick-detach (Optional)


Your Purchase Includes:

1x Gimbal Camera

1x USB to TTL Cable

1x Power Cable

1x PWM Control Cable

1x TTL / S.BUS Control Cable

3x TTL Connect Cable

1x Ethernet Cable

Serial Command Communication Protocol

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