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Foxtech Altair-370 Tandem-wing Hybrid VTOL

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Important Notice!
Our company's unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) products only support domestic transactions within China. If your company intends to export UAV products from China, it is necessary to comply with Chinese regulations. Furthermore, the products cannot be used for military, terrorist, or war purposes.

Altair-370 tandem-wing hybrid equips a double-cylinder EFI generator and applies DGPS technology and quick-mount design. It can be an excellent platform for inspections, mapping and survey, search and rescue, etc.

As a tandem-wing UAV, both wings can provide much more lift force than a conventional airplane and promote stability and control at the same time.

The Altair-370 also supports remote start, which is critical if the generator stops accidentally in the air. EFI engine can automatically adjust the fuel/air ratio via electronic controls to maintain optimal combustion conditions and determine the precise amount of fuel that the injector needs to deliver. By optimizing air/fuel ratios and ignition timing, EFI engine eliminates random engine stoppages and other problems associated with sub-optimal ratios, so it increases reliability and reduces the time and expense of maintenance.

It also supports DGPS, which helps provide higher locating accuracy and attitude self-correction ability, and because there is no compass, electromagnetic interference won’t be a worry. One of the antennas is hiding inside the tail to reduce wind resistance.

The inner space of Altair-370 is big enough for various mission payloads to carry out various missions. Quick-mount design of the wings also saves time and space during assembling and transportation. Aerodynamic shape also reduces wind resistance and improves efficiency.

The carrying case of Altair-370 integrates a slide-out plate for PC, an operating desk, and a organization place for oil pump and pipes.

Long endurance and large loading capacity make Altair-370 a versatile platform for a wide variety of scenarios, such as inspections, mapping and survey, delivery, etc.

Note: For our valued customers from Jordan interested in purchasing our drones, please kindly contact our distributor directly at [email protected]. We appreciate your understanding and thank you immensely for considering our products

The default plug of UP600+ Battery Charger is US plug, but we also provide EU, UK, and AU plugs, please leave a note when ordering to tell us which type do you need.


- Tandem wing

- Differential GPS

- EFI engine



Wing Configuration: Tandem Wing

Basic Empty Weight: 18 kg

Max Takeoff Weight: 40 kg

Wind Resistance: 13 m/s


Forward Wing: 2820 mm

Rear Wing: 3750 mm

Length: 2020 mm

Carrying Box: 2100*730*670 mm

Cruising Speed: 26-40 m/s

Max Working Height: 5000 m

Max Take Off Height: 2000 m

Working Temperature: -20℃-50℃


Your Purchase Includes (Pixhawk / X7 Pro):

1x Altair-370 frame & propulsion system

1x EFI Engine

1x Fuel Tank

2x 2212 CW propeller

2x 2310 CW propeller

1x 2210 CCW propeller

1x PWM Output Liquid Level Senser

4x 6S  Battery

1x UP600 Charger

4x ESC

1x DA16S+ 16-Channel Radio Controller

1x Pixhawk Cube Orange Standard Set
     (or X7+ Pro Flight Controller)

1x Air Speedometer

2x C-RTK 9Ps Sky End Module

2x 3S Battery

1x Accessory Package

1x Assembling, Tuned and Flying Test Service

1x Carrying Case

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