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Foxtech Whale 360 VTOL

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Foxtech Whale 360 VTOL adopting differential GPS, is a heavy-lift platform for logistics transportation and supports two delivery modes. It characterizes vertical take-off and landing, long endurance, fast cruising speed, long range, etc. Low-wing design also increases its mobility.

· Differential GPS(DGPS) features:
①High reliability, since they have redundancy when there is a failure of signal loss in one of the GPS modules.
②Attitude self-correction based in GPS.
③Enhanced accuracy through the distance between the two GPS antennas installed in the drone, which makes it possible to obtain a suitable navigation estimation from a minimum distance between GPS antennas of 50 cm.
④No need for the compass, so drones with dual GPS sensor can be used in situations with electromagnetic interferences, such as powerlines inspections, monitoring mining works in iron mines or other environments with strong electromagnetic fields.

· Heavy-Lift and Long-Endurance
With 3.6 meter wingspan, Whale 360 can load more payload and fly longer at the same time. The max take-off weight is about 30kg. Whale 360 can fly about 4h with 2kg payload or 3h with 5kg payload.
The cargo carrying box is made of composite material with high-strength, light weight and waterproof and dustproof. Its payload capacity is 5kg.
Low-wing design makes the most of its cabin space for flight controller, batteries or other equipments.

· Manned/Unmanned Cargo Pickup
ModeⅠ(Unmanned): A. with the pre-set program, Whale 360 will carry the package to the destination; B. drop the package after descending to the desirable height; C. return.
ModeⅡ(Unmanned): A. carry the package to the destination; B. land and disarm; C. drop the cargo; D. automatically take off after 10s (the time can be set).

· Altitude Protection
Whale 360 also equip high-precision LiDAR to provide altitude detection during descending and prevent the drone from descending lower than safe desire altitude to release the cargo.

Version: Foxtech Whale 360 VTOL
Basic Empty Weight: 13kg(without batteries)
Wingspan: 3600mm
Take-off Weight: ≤30kg
Flight Time: ≥4h(4x Diamond 6s 30000mah, 1kg payload)
Endurance: 3h@5kg
Material: Kevlar, Fiberglass Fabric, composite material, Carbon Fiber, PVC etc.
Payload Capacity: 5kg(excluding battery)
Max Cruising Speed: 33m/s
Suggested Cruising Speed: 22-26m/s
Suggested Flight Altitude: 0~4000m
Carrying Case: 1860mm*520mm*560mm
Cargo Carrying Box: 540mm*260mm*120mm

Your Purchase Includes (Pixhawk / X7 Pro):
-1x Foxtech Whale 360 VTOL frame
-1x Cargo carrying box
-1x High Efficiency Tail Motor
-1x Tail ESC
-1x 20 inch Propeller for Tail Motor
-4x Servo
-4x Motor for VTOL Mode
-4x ESC for VTOL Mode
-2x (pairs) 24 inch Propellers for VTOL Mode
-1x Air Speedometer
-2x UBEC
-1x High-precision LiDAR

-2x High Precision Positioning Module
-2x Power Monitor Module
-1x Pixhawk Cube Orange Standard Set
     (or CUAV X7 Pro Flight Controller)

-1x DA16S+ Radio Controller
-1x Carrying Case
-1x Assembling, tuned and Flying Test Service

4x Foxtech Diamond 6S 30000mAh Semi-solid State Lipo Battery

A-B Point Take-off&Landing Route Planning

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