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TF Single Point Series LiDAR

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TF Single Point Series LiDAR contains four versions with 12m, 40m, 180m and 350m. It can realize real-time non-contact measurement in different directions with small FOV beam emitted at high frequency. Single point measuring approach can also provide more reliable data for mapping.


TFmini Plus 12m LiDAR is a single-point short-range LiDAR. With 11g light weight, 10cm blind zone, 85mW~550mW Power Consumption and IP65 rating, TFmini Plus 12m LiDAR is easy to use and reliable even in extreme conditions.


TF02-Pro 40m LiDAR is a mid-range LiDAR. With 10cm blind zone, max 1000Hz frame rate, IP65 rating, upgraded optical system and fusion algorithm, TF02-Pro 40m LiDAR can resist disturbance from ambient light, airflow, and electrons, resulting high data reliability.


TF03 180m LiDAR and TF03 100m LiDAR are industrial high-speed LiDAR. The error is kept within 10cm and the blind zone is about 10cm. With IP67 rating level, they can run in various extreme environments.


TF350 Single Point LiDAR is an industrial-grade ultra-long-range high-frequency LiDAR. It has a max 1000Hz frame rate, 100Klux ambient light resistance and 0.35º FoV.


  12m 40m



FOV 3.6º 0.5º 0.35º
Weight 11g 50g 77g±3g 222g
Range 0.1m-12m 0.1m-40m



Frame rate 1Hz-1000Hz 1Hz-7000Hz
Distance resolution 1cm
Output Single point
Protection level IP65 IP67
Communication interface UART

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