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Foxtech Diamond Pro Series CF Propeller

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Diamond Pro propeller VTOL Series featuring higher strength, light weight and higher thrust is designed for heavy-load drones such as AYK 350 VTOL.

Diamond Pro Series Classic Argyle Matt Propeller offers a wide range of size options, which covers basically all demands for propellers that you need in a fixed-wing, VTOL, rotor.

Diamond Pro adopts the advanced carbon lamination technique that improves strength by 30%, while weight is reduced by 20-45% to achieve longer lifespan with fast response.

The special aerodynamic design with the wingtips brings less noise and higher lift, boosting efficiency by 3%-7% when 40%-70% of the thrust is exerted compared with traditional wingtips.

Diamond Pro Series are made with exquisite workmanship to achieve perfect dynamic balance in each one of the props.

Diamond Pro 2278 Propeller can be used on NAGA series( NAGA Quadcopter & NAGA Pro Coaxial Octocopter).

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Diamond Pro Series Propeller Performance

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