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Foxtech NAGA Quadcopter RTF Package

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- NAGA Quadcopter is a small size aerial platform of unrivalled performance for mapping, surveillance and inspection. Featuring 90 minutes of flight time, IP66 rating folding frame, and multiple failsafe, NAGA packs practical tools in a miniature airframe.

- Its compact folding airframe enables easy operation and flexible maneuvering.

- Forged from a combination of carbon fiber, PCB and CNC, NAGA is both light, 5.4kg including a battery and tough, allowing flight mission under a wide temperature range of -10℃-55℃.

- With a built-in 14S 14000mAh high voltage li-ion battery, the flight time boosts up to 90 minutes with no payload, and it still reaches 45minutes with 2.5kg payload.

- A set of built-in antenna shields from dust and moist.

- Self-locking propellers spare the need for tools to mount.

- Under circumstances when Naga is in low voltage status or loss of signal, Return to Launch failsafe will be automatically triggered to save the day.

- Plan the flight path that can be saved for future mission on either Herelink 5.5" inch touch screen or on MissionPlanner/PC after linking herelink with PC through WiFi / Bluetooth/USB, drone flying becomes programmable and as simple as anyone can master. Alternatively, Herelink also serves as a streaming media server that delivers video and data (WAN) among team members on their devices like an ipad, mobile phone or PC, allowing a simultaneous team participation in the mission.


Version: NAGA Quadcopter Battery-powered Version

Color: Black and White

Material: Carbon Fiber, CNC, PCB

Control Range: 20km

Diagonal Wheelbase: 815mm

Unfolded Dimensions: 670mm*650mm*200mm (excluding propellers/landing gears)

Folded Dimensions: 440mm*210mm*200mm(excluding propellers/landing gears)

Empty Weight: 5.4kg (including battery)

Battery Weight: 2.8kg

Max Take-off Weight: 8kg

Flight Time: 90min (no payload)

          68min (800g payload)

          45min (2500g payload)

Max Speed: 30m/s

Max Lifting Speed: 4m/s

Max Descent Speed: 3m/s

Max Angle of Pitch: 25°

Wind Resistance: 14m/s

Service Ceiling: 6000m

Propeller: 22*8 inch

Working Voltage: 50.4V

Working Temperature: -10℃-55℃

Carrying Case: 68cm*45cm*35cm

Your Purchase Includes

RTF Package

1x NAGA ARF Combo

1x Pixhawk Cube Orange Standard Set with Here 3 GNSS

1x Herelink 2.4GHz Long Range HD Video Transmission System

1x 14S 14000mAh Li-ion Battery

2x (pair) 22 inch Carbon Fiber Propeller

1x K4 Battery Charger

1x Carrying Case

Manual Download(Herelink)
Manual Download[MX16]

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