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C-RTK 2 is a high-performance PPK/RTK positioning module for professional application fields such as UAV survey and mapping, which integrates industrial grade IMU, multi-star and multi-frequency satellite receiver, supports both RTK centimeter-level positioning navigation and RAW data recording for post-differential calculation, supports shutter triggering and hotshoe synchronization.
C-RTK 2 PPK Module adopts CAN bus protocol and is compatible with PX4/ArduPilot open-source flight controller. It can be applied to various UAVs such as multi-rotor, VTOL fixed wing, helicopter etc.


Your Purchase Includes:
1x C-RTK 2 PPK Module
1x CAN cable 35cm
1x Shutter Cable 35cm
1x Hotshoe Cable 30cm
1x Triger Cable 30cm
1x Dupont Head 3P 20cm
1x Canon 2.5MM shutter trigger cable 40cm
1x SONY USB shutter trigger cable 30cm
1x Antenna Feeder 50cm
1x Type-C Cable
1x Multi-star Multi-frequency
1x Helix Antenna
1x Hotshoe PCB

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