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Foxtech VD-20 / VD-150 4K 110MHz Video Transmission System

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VD-20 / VD-150, using antenna diversity technique, is a 110 MHz, 80 Mbps, 20 km / 150 km range video transmitter featuring small-size, low-power-consumption, high-sensitivity, high-diffraction-penetration, super stable and high-resolution.

80 Mbps max transfer rate allows 4K image transmission, and there is still 50 Mbps at the end of 20 km (VD-20 version).

The bandwidth is up to 110 MHz, and the working bandwidth can be chosen between 1.4, 3, 5, 10, 20, 40 MHz. The video transmitter supports automatic frequency hopping within 110M to avoid interference.

Antenna diversity technique (2 x 2 MIMO mode), which means there are two streams of transmitting and receiving data simultaneously.

This video transmitter can form star network by connecting max 8 air units to the hub, largely improving its capability.



Weight: 240 g / 475 g

Frequency: 1.4 GHz-1.5 GHz

Bandwidth: 1.4 MHz/3 MHz/5 MHz/10 MHz/20 MHz/40 MHz (Configurable)

EIRP : 0-33dBm±2 / 0-40dBm±2

Receiver Sensitivity: 1.4 GHz 3 MHz -106 dBm

Modulation: OFDM/QPSK/16QAM/64QAM

Bit Rate: Point to point max 80 Mbps

Range: Ground to ground: ≤ 3.6 km

            Ground to ground: ≤ 5 km

Latency: Ethernet transmit ≤150 ms

UART ≤20 ms

Network Forming Time: ≤5 s

Antenna: 2*SMA

Interface: ETH*1, Micro USB2.0

RS232 or UART*1 (3.3 V TTL)


Parameter Configuration: WEB page

Voltage: 24V±10%/2A

Typical Power Consumption: 27±3 W; 60±6W

Temperature: Store: -40℃~+85℃




- 1420-1530 MHz frequency

- 80 Mbps point to point transmission bandwidth

- ≤150 ms Ethernet transmit latency

- Star networking

- Antenna diversity technique


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