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Foxtech Krane 130 Quadcopter

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Important Notice!
Our company's unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) products only support domestic transactions within China. If your company intends to export UAV products from China, it is necessary to comply with Chinese regulations. Furthermore, the products cannot be used for military, terrorist, or war purposes.

Note: If you have any customization requirements for Krane 130, please reach out to our sales or send us an email.

Krane 130 is a modular-design electrical quadcopter, an ideal platform for inspection, delivery and dropping.

The whole UAV adopts a modular design with the arms, the batteries, the mission payloads, and the propellers, so it is possible to assemble it within 3 min by one operator.

Krane 130 can equip with dual GPS for easier flight preparation and higher positioning accuracy.

Quick-mount structure for the mission payloads mounting, such as gimbal camera, LiDAR scanner, cargo delivery box, cargo release and drop device, megaphone, light, etc., allows multiple-mission-payload-mounting to carry out one task, such as synchronized inspection with upward-mounted and downward-mounted gimbal cameras, cargo delivery using a winch and LiDAR, etc.

Note: For our valued customers from Jordan interested in purchasing our drones, please kindly contact our distributor directly at [email protected]. We appreciate your understanding and thank you immensely for considering our products.



Modular Design


Your Purchase Includes

1x Krane 130 Quadcopter

1x GPS Module

1x Flight Controller

1x Ground Control Station

2x 7S Battery

1x Battery Charger

1x Carrying Case


Optional Components:

GPS Module: Dual GPS, etc.

Radio Controller: MX16 Pro(30 km), etc.

Mission Payload: mapping/filming cameras, inspection gimbal cameras, LiDARs, RTK modules, cargo release & drop devices, cargo delivery boxes, megaphones, lights, etc.



Version: Krane-130 Electrical Quadcopter

Wheelbase: 1250 mm

Dimensions: 1040*1040*270 mm(Unfolded)

Propeller: 32*12

Basic Empty Weight:

4 kg(Exclude battery)

Max Take-off Weight: 20 kg

Max Roll Angle: 150°

Max Pitch Angle: 25°

Climb Speed: 3 m/s

Descend Speed: 2.5 m/s

Max Speed: 15 m/s

Service Ceiling: 5500 m

Wind Resistance: Level 7

Storage Temp: -10~45℃

Working Temp: -20~45℃

Working Voltage: 25.2V(7S)

Material: Carbon Fiber, CNC, etc.

Control Range: 5~30 km(Optional)

Carrying Case: 1150*420*355 mm

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Note: If you have any customization requirements for Krane 130, please reach out to our sales or send us an email.

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