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FOXTECH 3DM V3 Oblique Camera for Mapping and Survey

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3DM V3 an updated version based on 3DM V2 3D modelling Oblique camera. Compared with 3DM V2 Oblique camera the 3DM V3 features smaller size, simple structure and light weight, the total weight is only 683g, it is the lightest oblique camera. The 3DM V3 Oblique airborne camera system is a good choise for high accuracy 3D urban mapping and 3D corridor mapping applications.

3DM V3 with ultra high resolution and best performance which will bring real and excellent precision performance to your 3D model. The surrounding cameras is equipped with 35.7mm lens to take subjects far away, and the center camera is equipped with 25.2mm lens to take less distance. The pixel number of each camera for 120MP is about 24mega, and for 100MP is about 20mega.

3D modelling Oblique camera has cooling system built inside, and it also has its own damper system to ensure good image quality. Support wide voltage, power supply range of 3DM V3 is 3s-12s. And it has 5 external SD card sockets, it is convenient for Image Exporting, the total memory capacity is 320GB.

With the help of PPK/RTK system, it can do 3D modelling with a very good precision, up to 1 centimeter accuracy.


Size: 132x132x90mm
Weight: 683g
Sensor: APS-C CMOS(23.5X15.6mm)
Minimum exposure time: 0.6s
Lens: 25mm/35mm

Pixels Number: 20MP/24MP

Total Pixels: 100MP/120MP
Oblique Lens Angle: 45 degree
Total memory capacity: 320GB
Power Supply: 3S-12S
Working Temperature: -10°C ~ +40°C
Environment Humidity: ≤95%



-Only 683g
-Small Volume
-100MP/120MP Total Pixels
-5 External SD Card Sockets
-320GB Memory Capacity
-3s-12s Wide Voltage

Your Purchase Includes:

1x FOXTECH 3DM V3 Oblique Camera


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