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Foxtech Halo-6000 EFI Generator

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Halo-6000 generator, using EFI engine and water-cooling system, features good heat dissipation, low power consumption and high efficiency.

· Smart Adjustments

Halo-6000 uses EFI engine which features consistent output power, better fuel efficiency, fewer emissions and less maintenance.

EFI engine can automatically adjust the fuel/air ratio via electronic controls to maintain optimal combustion conditions and determine the precise amount of fuel that the injector needs to deliver. By optimizing air/fuel ratios and ignition timing, EFI engine eliminates random engine stoppages and other problems associated with sub-optimal ratios, so it increases reliability and reduces the time and expense of maintenance.


· High Efficiency

A monitoring software is provided to monitor the generator working status in real time. Compared with the internal rotor type generator, this external rotor type generator features aircraft-grade permanent magnetic brushless motor and high power-to-weight ratio (PWR). The engine is powered by double cylinder and two-stroke gasoline engine, which has the characteristics of high output power and low fuel consumption. The motor adopts an integrated external rotor motor, so there is no need of additional starter, as a result, the hybrid system has the advantages of one key starting, small volume, light weight and low noise.


· Safe Operation

The protective design of the system controller for over voltage, over currency, over temperature, under voltage and short circuit, substantially improves its safety. 


· Good Heat Dissipation Performance

Halo-6000 uses water-cooling system, including two radiators, a water jacket, a water pump and water pipes. Compared with air-cooling system, it’s more durable and powerful.

Note: The motor oil used for Halo-6000 should be MOTUL 710 2T, or motor oil appointed by Foxtech. If the damage is caused by the wrong use of motor oil, Foxtech will not be responsible for it.

The battery for Halo-6000 should be 3C or higher.

There should be lubricating oil on both ports of the oil filter, or there may be air goes into the fuel pipe.


Generator weight: 9.8kg

Voltage: 58V

Generator output: 6kw

Idle Speed: 5000r/min

Size: 320x290x230mm

Fuel consumption: 700g/kwh

Service Altitude: <3km

Start Method: One key starting (PWM or CAN-BUS)

Service temperature: -20 ~ 50°C

Mixture ratio: 25:1(gasoline:engine oil) (to run in the generator for the first time using, suggested #95 or above + 2T oil)

40:1(gasoline:engine oil) (for regular use)


Your Purchase Includes:

1x Halo-6000 Generator

1x 4.5L Fuel Tank

1x Fuel Level Sensor

1x Fuel Pipe

1x Fuel Mixer

1x Water Pipe

1x System Controller Cable

1x Fuel Pump

1x Water Pump

1x Water Jacket

2x Radiator

1x ECU Cable

2x 7S 12000 Battery


Usage Precaution


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