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XLINK Long Range Data/Video Wireless Transmitting System

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Note: The version of WMN is not released yet, we now accept preorder. Email us at [email protected] if you want to realize Wireless Mesh Network Transmission.

XLINK is a point-to-point data/video wireless transmission system designed for industrial UAVs, ground robots and other data communication applications, featuring 30km/50~70km long transmission distance.

XLINK integrates the technology of 4G, 5G, WIFI, and adopts OFDM technique and multipath anti-interference technology, which has the advantages of long distance transmission, low latency, strong diffraction performance, and big data bandwidth communications.

A great highlight of XLINK is that it supports multi-node interlinked to form a communication mesh, in which one node is too far from the ground station to receive signals, it is able to transmit data to its nearest node, by which data can be sent back to the ground station.

Warning: Do not power on before installing ANT1/ANT2, otherwise it could cause damage to XLINK and burn it out.

Transmission Distance:
Ground transmission: 1~2km
Air transmission: 30km
Ground transmission: 2~5km
Air transmission: 50km

Key technology:

- OFDM Technology

- Wireless Mesh Network Transmission

- Physical Layer Encryption

- Multipath Anti-interference Technology

XLINK-30 Specifications:

Frequency Band: 1410MHz ~ 1470MHz

Bandwidth: 4MHz; 8MHz; 10MHz; 14MHz; 20MHz

Transmitting Antenna: 2*Tx & 2*Rx

Modulation Technique: OFDM

Communication Port: 1*RJ45(Ethernet)

Voltage: DC 9V ~ 36V; Typical Value 12V

Transmitting Power: ANT1, 0.5W

                                  ANT2, 0.5W

Power Consumption: Air Unit:≤12W

                                   Ground Unit:≤6W

Bit Rate: Air Unit to Ground Unit 1.2Mbps ~ 12Mbps

               Ground Unit to Air Unit 115Kbps ~ 1Mbps

Transmission Delay: <200ms

Encryption Method: AES 128bit, Physical Layer Encryption

Size: 135mm*57mm*16.4mm

Weight: 174g

Transmission Distance: 30km

Working Temperature: -40℃ ~ + 55℃

Note: Specifications that are not particularly noted apply to both air unit and ground unit.


Your Purchase Includes:

XLINK-30/XLINK-50 Combo:

1x XLINK-30/XLINK-50 Air Unit

1x XLINK-30/XLINK-50 Ground Unit

2x Transmitter Antenna for Air Unit

1x High-gain Panel Antenna

2x J30J Wires

2x Antenna Feeder

XLINK-30/XLINK-50+AAT Combo: 

1x XLINK-30/XLINK-50 Air Unit

1x XLINK-30/XLINK-50 Ground Unit

2x Transmitter Antenna for Air Unit

1x High-gain Panel Antenna

2x J30J Wires

2x Antenna Feeder

1x Archer AAT Auto Antenna Tracker(antenna not included)

1x Power Cable

2x Data Cable

XLINK-30 User Manual

XLINK-50 User Manual

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