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Foxtech REX 340 Canard Hybrid VTOL Drone

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REX 340 LEO-2+DA16S+ RTF Combo   +$41,999.00

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Important Notice!
Our company's unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) products only support domestic transactions within China. If your company intends to export UAV products from China, it is necessary to comply with Chinese regulations. Furthermore, the products cannot be used for military, terrorist, or war purposes.

The REX 340 is a high-performance hybrid VTOL drone that can adapt to a variety of environments. The canard aerodynamic design is good for improving lift to enhance flight time, which also protects the drone from stall to ensure the flight safety. The auto switch between quad-rotor mode and fixed-wing mode not only enables REX 340 vertical take-off and landing without a special site in quad-rotor mode, but also has the characteristics of fixed-wing, such as long endurance, fast cruising speed, low-noise, etc. 

The fuselage is made of carbon fiber material with 3368mm wingspan, featuring lightweight, high strength, waterproof and anti-interference. A pair of propeller under the canard also reduces the weight of fuselage without a traditional lever. Unique modular quick-detach design allows the whole installation and debugging to be completed in less than 10 minutes. And a medium-sized SUV is large enough to transport all equipment.

The biggest highlight of REX 340 is the electronic fuel injection(EFI) Engine, which provides a more reliable and stable flight. The ignition timing and fuel supply is calculated precisely by ECU. The operation performance in cold areas can be effectively improved for low-temperature start function. And the fuel is completely burned at different altitudes serving to protect the engine.

Specifically designed the IMU integrated inner shock absorber structure for LEO-2 flight control system effectively reduces the impact of aircraft vibration to LEO-2. Temperature compensation range is from -15℃ to 85℃. Therefore, equipped with LEO 2 flight control system, REX 340 is able to keep steady flight attitude. The standard transmission distance of DA16S+ 16-channel radio controller is 8-10km

The most distinguishing characteristic of LEO FC and LEO-2 FC is that the LEO-2 is able to estimate yaw with two GPS module. Orientation accuracy can reach up to 0.2°.

REX 340 is a versatile platform, which is enough to load SAR radar, lidar and various cameras, such as oblique cameras, gimbal cameras, hyperspectral cameras so that to provide solutions for a wide variety of scenarios, such as inspections, mapping and survey, traffic monitoring, search and rescue, logistics, etc.



-Wingspan: 3368mm

-Length: 1850mm

-Material: Carbon Fiber

-Basic Empty Weight: 18kg(no battery, no fuel)

-Suggested Max. Take-off Weight: 32kg

-Max. Fixed-wing Climb Rate: 5m/s  

-Cruising Speed: 25m/s

-Stall Speed: 16m/s

-Wind Resistance: ≤12m/s  

-Service Ceiling: 5000m  

-Take-off/Landing: VTOL

-Working Temperature: -20℃-50℃

-Carrying Case: 205cm*53cm*57cm


Your Purchase Includes: 

LEO-2 RTF Combo:

1x REX 340 VTOL Frame

1x EFI Engine for Fixed-wing

1x LEO-2 Flight Control System

1x DA16S+ 16-Channel Radio Controller

1x 23*12 Wooden Propeller

4x Damping System for Flight Controller

4x Motor for VTOL Mode  

4x ESC for VTOL Mode

2x (pair) 29 inch Propeller  

7x Servo

1x Landing Gear 

2x 6s battery

1x PWM Output Liquid Level Senser

1x Siriturbo Protocol Converter

1x Accessory Package

1x Assembling, Tuned and Flying Test Service

1x Carrying Case
EFI Engine Manual


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