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THEA 220MP Heavy-lift Quadcopter

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Important Notice!
Our company's unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) products only support domestic transactions within China. If your company intends to export UAV products from China, it is necessary to comply with Chinese regulations. Furthermore, the products cannot be used for military, terrorist, or war purposes.

THEA 220MP is a powerful, versatile and adaptable quadcopter designed to handle substantial payloads with ease. This drone sets new standards in the field of cargo transportation and aerial delivery.

Dual GPS Differential Design, Precise Orientation and Navigation
Equipped with dual GPS, THEA 220MP heavy lift drone ensures precise and reliable navigation, enabling it to perform complex maneuvers and maintain stable flight paths.

It can operate seamlessly in areas with magnetic interference or where compass calibration is challenging or impossible. This feature is especially critical during emergency missions, where every delivery must be made with precision and speed.

Foldable Design, Enhances Portability and Convenience
THEA 220MP quadcopter's foldable design enables rapid deployment, making it a valuable asset in time-sensitive emergency situations. With minimal setup requirements, this drone can be ready for takeoff within minutes, ensuring a swift response when every second counts.

HV Battery, Modular Design, Unmatched Endurance
THEA 220MP drone's endurance is unmatched, thanks to the HV modular battery, providing ample time to reach remote areas or perform multiple deliveries in a single flight.

The modular battery design ensures quick and easy replacements, allowing for uninterrupted operation and maximizing efficiency.

Navigation Lights, Contributing to Safer Flights
THEA 220MP heavy lift quadcopter is equipped with navigation lights on each arm, enhancing visibility and contributing to safer flights, especially during low-light conditions. This additional safety measure ensures that the drone is easily visible to ground personnel and other aircraft, minimizing the risk of accidents and enabling successful mission completion.

Enhance Logistics and Improve Efficiency
With its exceptional payload capacity, intuitive operation, and reliable performance, it opens up new possibilities for cargo transportation, aerial delivery, and various other industries. From delivering emergency supplies during natural disasters to supporting industrial operations in challenging terrains, this drone empowers businesses to overcome logistical obstacles and optimize their operations.

Note: For our valued customers from Jordan interested in purchasing our drones, please kindly contact our distributor directly at [email protected]. We appreciate your understanding and thank you immensely for considering our products.


Your Purchase Includes:
1x THEA 220MP Heavy Lift Quadcopter

4x High-Efficiency Motor
4x ESC
2x (pairs) Propellers
1x Pixhawk Cube Orange Standard Set
2x C-RTK 9Ps High Precision Positioning Module (Sky End)
1x MX16 All-in-one Portable Ground Control Station
2x HV Battery
1x Battery Charger
1x Assembling, tuned and Flying Test Service

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