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VDC Pro 15~150km Video/Data/RC Wireless Transmission System

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VDC Pro is an all-in-one system that integrates video, data, and RC transmission. It is available in four different versions, offering varying communication ranges: 15 km, 30 km, 48 km, and 150 km, operating on two or three bandwidths.

VDC Pro features two Ethernet interfaces, two 232 interfaces, two TTL interfaces, and two SBus interfaces, significantly expanding its usability and extending the RC control range.

The star networking system of VDC Pro supports up to 8 nodes, allowing for real-time data transmission and communication across multiple locations in the sky with high reliability and stability.

The VDC Pro frequency hopping version (OFDM) can enhance communication reliability and interference resistance by rapidly switching between different frequencies during transmission, making it difficult for potential interferers to capture and disrupt the signal, delivering better performance in complex wireless environments. 



15~150 KM
Star Network
Video/Data/RC Transmission
1420-1530 MHz Frequency Hopping

Your Purchase Includes:

1x VDC Pro Ground Module(15km/30km/60km/150km)
1x VDC Pro Air Module(15km/30km/60km/150km)
1x Integrated Cable With J30 Connector
1x Ethernet Cable
3x Antenna Connector
1x RS232-USB Converter
1x TTL-USB Converter
2x Air Unit Antenna
2x Ground Unit Antenna

VDC PRO Manual Download
VDC PRO OFDM Version Manual Download

star network radio silent video-data-rc-link

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