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FS Gimbal Camera Assistant

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FS gimbal camera assistant is specially designed for Foxtech FH series and Seeker series gimbal cameras. Equipped with the module, the UAV platform with DJI A3/A3 PRO/M600 Series/N3 Series and Lightbridge2/M600 radio controller/DataLink3 radio controller is able to control FH series and Seeker series gimbal cameras.

The overall weight of the module is less than 51g and the installation is fast and simple. By obtaining status information through DJI system, real-time performance is better. Besides, the LB2 does not need to install any additional hardware.

FS gimbal camera assistant is compatible with most Foxtech FH series and Seeker series gimbal cameras, which are controlled by standard SBUS/PWM signal, such as FH230 TIR 30X optical zoom and thermal gimbal camera, FH310Z 10X optical zoom gimbal camera, FH336 V2 36x optical zoom starlight camera, SEEKER-30 TIR, SEEKER-10 V2, etc. Users are able to adjust channel mapping according to the configuration of gimbal cameras, and use DJI original APP software to control gimbal cameras for a better manipulation experience.

Note: Use DJI original APP to control gimbal cameras, and some gimbal cameras can support touch-screen control and tracking function.



Size: 45*45*20mm        

Weight: 90g

Interface: SBUS,CAN,UART

Supply Voltage: 7-28V

Power Consumption: ≦2w

Supported Camera Type: with standard PWM signal control


Your Purchase Includes:

1x FS Gimbal Camera Assistant Control Board

1x CAN Cable

1x SBUS/UART Cable

1x PWM-SBUS Signal Conversion Module 


Manual Download

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