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VD Pro 15~150km Video/Data Wireless Transmission System

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VD Pro Series is a point-to-point/point-to-multipoint 15~150km long range video/data transmission module that meets the needs of long-range video feed in all sorts of scenarios, featuring strong anti-interference ability, low delay, low power consumption, rich interfaces and transmission real-time recording.

Browse on webpage at and you’ll have access to the real-time recording of signal status that gives a detailed index of how the transmission is going, such as distance between each node, received signal strength, SNR, etc.

By point-to-multipoint transmission, it forms star network by connecting up to 16 hosts to a central hub. In doing so, even If one node or its connection breaks, it does not affect the other terminal nor their connections and devices can be added or removed without disturbing the network.

The VD Pro 150km dual-band version is equipped with the ability to automatically switch between two frequency bands - 800MHz and 1.4G - using a frequency hopping spread spectrum technology. This means that the device can automatically adjust its frequency band based on the signal strength and interference levels in the surrounding environment to ensure optimal transmission quality. 

Notice: Please email to [email protected] for customization of 30/80/150km at 2.4G frequency.

Integration Box for VD Pro: https://www.foxtechfpv.com/foxtech-integration-box-for-video-data-link.html

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