Tarot 130 FPV Racing Quadcopter

Wanna see how fast and agile the Tarot 130 is? Check this video! Detailed information on its configuration and exciting flight test.

Tarot 130 Racing Quadcopter PNP Combo

Tarot 130 FPV Racing Quadcopter PNP Combo includes Tarot 130 FPV racing quadcopter combo, Tarot 11.1V 35C 450mah Lipo Battery and FM800 2.4G Mini FASST Receiver.


Tarot 3S 11.1V 35C 450mah Lipo Battery 

The Tarot 3S 11.1V 35C 450mah Lipo Battery is the optimal choice for 120/150 class FPV racing quadcopters. Up to 35C continuous discharge capacity and advanced technology make it lighter and more efficient than normal lipo batteries. With a JST connector preassembled, it's quite easy to use.


T-Motor 1654 CF multirotor propeller

T-Motor 1654 Carbon Fiber Propeller is specially designed for multicopters. Its advanced features in high efficiency and working stability give you longer flight time, higher loaded ability and better balance.


Foxtech PIVOT V3 Auto Landing Gear(2pcs)

Foxtech Pivot V3 new landing gear system is not only lighter, stronger, but smarter. The new landing gear changed servo design.Integrated Servo and Landing gear structure is much more firm and stable,optimized standing angle gives more space for large and heavy gimbal. Multihole servo mounting plate is for 16,20,22,25 and 30mm arm holder.


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