Foxtech 5040 4-blade propeller and 2205 KV2300 motors for FPV Racing

Flew my 250 racing quad with the 5040 4-blade propeller and 2205 KV2300 motors; very impressive flight fun as you can see in the video.
Foxtech 5040 4-blade propeller is compounded by Nylon and plastic, pre-balanced. It features in light weight,flexible,durable and low vibration, it won't break in crash.

Foxtech 2205 2300KV Brushless Motor(CW/CCW)

Foxtech 2205 2300KV Brushless Motor features reliability and durability. The new cooling series motors introduce an even better way to maintain performance and efficiency for a longer lifespan. When spinning, the motor housing generates suction which pulls air down and through the coils to cool the motor.


DAL Q5040 4-Blade Propeller

Perfect for your 250 sized mini racing drone, these Quad-Blade Props will change your flying forever. Small but powerful 5040 Quad-Blade Props will give you smooth, quiet flight while providing pure thrust punch outs.


V-Good FireFly Lite Opto ESC

The V-Good FireFly Lite Opto ESC 32-bit Micro Processor for RC Quadcopter Drone Parts features fast throttle response, excellent linearity and no jump from 0-100% throttle. Small and light, it utilizes 32bit ARM chip and hardware PWM driver to ensure its high performance.


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