FH310W  consists of a 1080p 10x optical zooming camera and a 3-axis gimbal. The zoom camera  takes and records the 1080p 30fps video to an on board TF card.  The zooming function makes it possible to see objects in detail over distance. The inner processor and the 3-axis gimbal provide mechanical and digital stabilization at the same time which guarantee the stone-still stable image even at full zooming in.

The assembled kit containing carbon fiber frame, camera, motors, propellers, transmitter(5.8G 48CH Mini 600mW), power distribution board and all hardwares weights at only 368g (not including battery).
Protection against impact by a carbon fiber shell amount on the side of the body.The buttom plate is made of Integrated design,which ensures wear and tear. It is very suitable for intermedaite player and Senior player.

The TS832 is a 600mW transmitting a full range of 48 channels includes Race Band and uses 2 buttons to switch band and channels easily, perfect for a wide range of aircraft.