Runcam2 vs Foxeer vs Firefly 6s

We compared Foxeer Legend, Runcam2 and firefly 6s. All comparisons are based on 1080p 60fps. Foxeer and firefly can do respectively 2k and 4k video. But 1080p 60fps is the best for racing. Wanna see which one is the best? Watch the video and subscribe foxtech?

Foxtech MR2304 Brushless Motor

The Foxtech MR2304 2150KV Brushless Motor is specially designed for mini racing quadcopters. It features single thick copper wire winding and better compatibility with 4S batteries, while offering higher efficiency and better performance. 

Foxtech S8120 Brushless Motor

To meet the need of high efficiency, light weight and dynamic balance on motor, we made the Foxtech S series Motor. The motors in this series have outstanding performance and durability thanks to its high quality&long life bearings and high efficiency coils. The S8120 KV90 motor is the best choice for giant multicopter with 28 inch propeller.

Runcam2 HD 1080P Wifi FPV Camera

The RunCam 2 HD camera is designed for the FPV Racers. This mini HD camera provides high resolution video and images at 1080P @60fps or 720P @120fps. The color and clarity of the image gives you the best picture possible in a small HD camera form factor.  Ultra lightweight, and built tough. Featuring WiFi for your smart phone so you can adjust the camera's setting, and download your flight videos straight to your phone.

NAZE32 REV6 Flight Controller

Compared with NAZE32 REV5, the latest version NAZE32 REV6 flight control optimized PCB layout to offer better wire connection. Its sensor is also improved due to the using of new high-precision sensor.

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