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CUAV C-RTK 9P High Precision Positioning Module

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Note: CUAV C-RTK 9P is now out of production, the alternative product is 9Ps, click HERE for more information.

The CUAV C-RTK 9P GPS Receiver is an RTK GPS module designed by CUAV. It uses Ublox's F9P module, which supports multi-satellite multi-frequency and uses advanced RTK algorithms. Two 9P modules used together can serve as a compass for UAV. Using it, the PX4 achieves centimeter-level accuracy in seconds, which is much more accurate than the average GPS, and faster and more convenient than the previous generation M8P module.


- Centimeter-level positioning for industrial UAV

- 10s switch RTK mode

- 20Hz high-frequency RTK navigation refresh rate

- <10s shorter convergence time

- 2*9P modules serve as a GPS

- PX4 and Ardupilot dual-platform compatible

- Mini size, 31.5*48*12mm, only 21g

- Universal Type-C interface adopted on both mobile/ground end, switch freely

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