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CUAV CAN PMU is a UAV power management unit module with a built-in STM32F4 processor. It runs CUAV ITT algorithm, which are able to accurately real-time measure UAV voltage and current. CAN PMU supports for the maximum 6-62V voltage and 110A current, and can output 5.4V 5A (maximum instantaneous 8A/120s, constant 5A) to power the flight controller, It also uses CAN bus communication and supports standard UAV CAN protocol. Each PMU unit is calibrated by the factory to ensure good consistency and high accuracy.



Size: 46.5x38.5x22.5mm

Weight: 76g

Processor: STM32F412 100Mhz 512K Flash 256K RAM

Voltage input : 6-62V (2-15S)

Max current: 110A

Voltage accuracy: ± 0.05V

Current accuracy: ± 0.1A

Resolution 0.01A / V

Max output power: 6000W / 90S

Max stable output power: 5000W

Power port output: 5.4V / 5A

Protocol: UAVCAN

Operating temperature:-20℃ ~ +100℃

Firmware upgrade: support

Calibration settings: Factory calibration, no user calibration

Interface type

IN/OUT: XT90 (cable end) / Amass 8.0 (module end)

Power: 5025850670



Your Purchase Includes:

1xCAN PMU module

1xBattery cable

1xESC cable

1xV5 series power cable

1xPixhack series power

1xCAN cable

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